It Is No Dream: the Life of Theodor Herzl

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Narrated by Sir Ben Kingsley

It Is No Dream: The Life of Theodor Herzl explores the life and times of Theodor Herzl, father of the modern state of Israel. Narrated by Academy Award®-winner, Sir Ben Kingsley and starring Academy Award®-winner Christoph Waltz as the voice of Theodor Herzl. The film examines how Herzl, a well-known journalist and playwright, an assimilated, Budapest-born Jew, horrified by the Dreyfus trial in Paris and the anti-Semitism he saw spreading across Europe, took upon himself the task of attempting to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine against all odds.

Over the span of eight years, Herzl organized and led a worldwide political movement that within fifty years led to the establishment of the state of Israel. The film follows Herzl as he meets with Kings, Prime Ministers, Ambassadors, a Sultan, a Pope and government ministers from Constantinople to St. Petersburg, from Paris to Berlin, from Vienna to Vilna in his quest to build a Jewish nation.

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